Why Choose Community Mediation?

Save Time

Your time is valuable. Mediation works around your schedule.

Low Cost to No Cost

Community mediation is low cost or no cost in some cases to the participants.

Less Stress

Avoid the stress of litigation. Mediation is a private affair

Client Centered

The needs to the parties involved is what is most important.

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A Healthier Option

Begin with a Free Consultation to address any questions about the mediation process and how it can work for you.

Conflict Resolution Center

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Welcome to Beaufort-Jasper Community Conflict Resolution Center

If you think you're just the man, believe you are the oak.

Our mission is to provide the community, individuals, and businesses with low cost to no cost Client-Centered Mediation services allowing them to settle disputes, conflicts, and other areas of disagreement without the intervention of the court system, resulting in saving time, money, and emotional stress on the participants. Furthermore, our mission is to also implement programs and training for youth of the communities to help them understand how peaceful conflict resolution can work in their lives.

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Why Mediate?

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